old pals

German-Style Pilsner / 저먼스타일 필스너
5.0% ABV
33 IBU


"맥파이가 만든 필스너는 어떨까?"

깔끔하게 넘어가지만 기존 필스너에서 맛보기 힘든 풍부한 홉맛과 향긋한 아로마가 가득! 어제 봐도 오늘 또 보고 싶은 매력 뿜뿜 동네친구 같은 맥주.

"What would a Magpie pilsner be like?" This German-style lager is pale gold and light-bodied with a clean finish. The star is the hops, layering floral and herbal flavors with a noble hop aroma. As familiar as an old friend from the neighborhood, Old Pals Pilsner makes it easy to reach for the next pint.