The Ghost

“The Ghost” – german gose

The gose (pronounced ‘go-suh’) style was almost forgotten, but has been seeing quite a resurgence in the craft scene these days. Its mildly sour, with a touch of salt and coriander – resulting in a tangy but ultra refreshing beer.

Our version – named “The Ghost” has been a surprising hit. This newest batch features sorachi ace and cascade hops, imparting an almost orange-y flavor to the beer. A little shocking on the first sip, but extremely drinkable.

American Muscle – Sorachi Ace Edition (American Wheat)

“The American Muscle” – Sorachi Ace Edition – American Wheat

An american-style wheat beer with a strong hop presence. We will be running this beer as a hop showcase – the recipe starts as a blend of hops with a unique flavour profile in mind, then we make ‘single hop editions’ to really let each individual component shine.

This version features the Sorachi Ace hop. Known for its extreme lemon / herbal / dill character, but also faint notes coconut and lime as well. Its quite a strange flavour at first, but we want these hops to relax and be themselves.

Craftsman Series Part 3: cocktail making

Don’t forget to sign up for the craftsman series of cocktail making! Classes are on Saturday, November 29th at 11:00am. Limited space!

A Bird In The Hand

맥파이 콜라보레이션 가장최신작인 ‘손안의 새’(A Bird in the Hand) 를 소개합니다. Jason 과 Frederic 이 손잡고 핸드앤몰트 양조장에서 양조한 신작은 Rye pale ale(호밀 페일에일)로 풍미를위해 사용된 홉은 미시간의 작은농장에서 재배된홉을사용하였고, 아로마 홉은 독일에서 최근 새롭게 탄생된 홉으로 화이트와인의 아로마를 가지고있습니다. 호밀의 사용으로 평범하지않은 맵싹한 풍미와 깔끔한 뒷맛이 있는 새로운 에일! 많은양을 양조하지않았기에 언제동날지몰라요! 늦기전에 이번주말 맥파이에 오셔서 꼭 드셔보세요

Introducing our newest collaboration: A Bird in the Hand
Jason and Frederic got together to make this Rye Pale Ale out at The Hand and Malt Brewing Co. The flavoring hops come from a small farm in Michigan and the aroma hops are a new variety from Germany and give the beer a beautiful white-wine aroma. The rye grain also adds an unusual spiciness to the flavor and has a refreshing dry finish. Come out today to try it — we only made a limited number of kegs so it’s going to go quick!

Nice Legs – Live @ Magpie

Happy Friday everyone! To get you in the weekend mood we wanted to share this video of one of our favorite local bands, Nice Legs, playing in front of Magpie Hongdae. Enjoy 

Airbnb & Magpie Team up for Jeju

안녕하세요! 맥파이에서는 세계적인 숙소 웹사이트인 에어비엔비와 콜라보레이션을통해 제주도행 티켓을 무료로 받을수있는 이벤트를 하고있습니다! 맥파이를 통해 에 가입하시고 맥파이 제주점에도 방문하실수있는 기회를 잡으세요. 
유효기간은11월 30일까지, 이벤트 주소 ” ” 를 방문하시면 됩니다

We are collaborating with Airbnb to give free trips to Jeju! Sign up with Magpie and be entered to win a trip to Magpie Jeju. To enroll just go to but make sure you register before Nov 30th or you’ll miss out.

Magpie x MMMG x All Rhoads Cycles – Nov. 1

Just a reminder bring your bike down to All Rhoads Cycles / MMMG Itaewon tomorrow afternoon at 3pm for the poker ride! 10,000w gets you snacks, beer, and a chance for some prizes! 

It a pretty leisurely 15km ride between Iteawon and Hongdae – so all skill levels should come and enjoy themselves!

Magpie Jeju Open!

It’s official – We’re in Jeju! If you’re down south this Friday around 4pm, pop by our new place in Tapdong in Jeju City. Also, a big thanks to Arario Museum for helping to make it happen! We’re looking forward to all the island adventures to come  

Jeju Address: Jejusi Tapdongro 2gil 3, 1st floor / 제주시 탑동로2길 3 1층. We’re just behind the red Arario Museum.

Also — We’re looking for people to join our team. If anyone is looking for work in Jeju or relocating to Jeju, contact Seonhwa ( or Tiffany (


Another release in our ongoing ‘rookie series’ – this one won’t be around for long. Available in both locations now!

NEW BEER: Magpie + Fritz Coffee Breakfast Porter!

이번 콜라보레이션의 주제는 맥파이가 가장 좋아하는 맥주와 커피의 조합입니다. 진한 커피의 풍미가 살아있는 서울 프릳츠 커피 컴퍼니의 커피와 부드러운 맥파이의 초콜릿맛 에일이 만나 맥파이 프릳츠 브렉퍼스트 포터가 탄생하였는데요. 이번 브렉퍼스트 포터 맥주는 오트밀을 첨가해 바디감을 살리고, 호프로 커피의 과일향을 더욱 더 살렸습니다. 맥파이와 프릳츠가 선보이는 이번 브렉퍼스트 포터 맥주를 밤낮으로 부담없이 즐겨보세요!

The latest Magpie collaboration brings together two of our favourite things – beer and coffee. The Magpie + Fritz Breakfast Porter is a beautiful combination of rich dark coffee from one of the best roasters in seoul, and a smooth chocolaty ale we brewed to match. We used oatmeal to enhance the body and hops to accentuate the fruity notes of the coffee – creating a beer that we think is really outstanding. Don’t let the name dissuade you, this beer is great any time of the day.

8,000w / 443ml
4.5% ABV
26 IBU

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